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Simple, smart, loved by skaters

Peter Whitley at Skaters for Public Skateparks was kind enough to send me a link to this ingenious little setup in Tacoma.

According to Peter:
“This ‘skate spot’ was built for $3,000. The entire concrete and marble block rests on a sheet of plastic, (though there are rebar anchors going into the sidewalk), so that if can be removed with a minimum of fuss. This humble little project has received national attention for all the things it does right.”

This is a great example of how simple structures can be loved and well-used by skaters if they are done right. Doesn’t necessarily need to be big ramps and expensive structures.

I am looking forward to getting some local skaters on board so we can really get down to what would work, rather than what non-skaters (like me) think looks cool.

Skaters – get in touch with me via this site or at jakelynchcommunity (at)

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