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With Chipotle’s booming success here in the U.S., it is terrific to see that taking the time and effort to select sustainably raised produce and breaking into the mainstream market isn’t necessarily an “either/or” proposition. There’s a Chipotle right outside our apartment building here in Befez. And that place is packed, day and night. And you know why? Cause the food is tasty as hell, full stop. I bet 90% of the folks in there aren’t thinking about free range conditions or the need to combat farming monoculture, and that’s the way it needs to be. Consuming sustainably-raised produce often feels like a special effort of advocacy, and changing that – like bringing free range meats into our fast food restaurants – is how we are going to make broader improvements in the industry.

Here’s my story on Chipotle that ran in Canberra Times. Sorry, haven’t got the link…Image

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This entry was posted on February 9, 2013 by in off the clock, smart business.
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