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Australia – the Next Rail-Trail Mecca?

pyalongtrestlebridgeblogVery stoked to see Australia pick up the rail-trail ball and run with it. There are already a number of long and impressive rail-trails developed back home, with plans for many more. As is the case here in the U.S., the hurdles are always funding and landowner buy-in. But these are hurdles that have been cleared many times here, and I am sure that the good folks at RailTrails Australia can show the same perseverance and creativity that turned the rail-trail movement in America from a good idea into a booming network of thousands of trails across the country.

The especially exciting thing about the rail-trail corridors back home, like the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail-Trail pictured here (, is the wide open spaces between settlements. America is so developed in parts that riders and hikers looking for long-distance, remote adventures often find it hard to leave the suburbs behind. However the sheer distance between towns in Australia is tailor-made for building destination rail-trails, that will attract visitors from all over the world, and provide lots of opportunities for lodging and other trails-tourism amenities.

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