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Highlighting the Convergence Between Public Health and Public Trails

At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy we’ve been working hard in recent times to bring the discussion about America’s public health goals and the built environment improvements represented by trails, biking and walking into the mainstream.

page0002Michelle Obama got everyone moving in the right direction. And now, new partnerships between RTC and national health insurance providers, federal agencies like the American Public Health Association, and community health organizations all over the country is turning that good idea into great activity.

What’s the relationship? Public health professional Deborah Hoyer sums it up perfectly in this recent interview in Rails to Trails magazine…

“It’s kind of the mantra in public health these days that it only takes 30 minutes or so of gentle activity each day to make improvements in your health. That sounds easy enough. But if you live and work somewhere where it’s all car parks and strip malls and freeways—and a lot of America is built like that—where are you actually going to do that activity? There have to be accessible venues for physical exercise. And the way I see it, building sidewalks and trails is a cheaper and better alternative to buying every person a gym membership and a treadmill.”

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