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My Latest Creation – Opening Day For Trails

At RTC, a big part of my job is encouraging the broader population to use and feel connected to trails. All too often, the perception of trail use is dominated by “hardcore cyclist dudes in spandex, the superfit, or crunchy-granola types with swags of Columbia gear.”

I’ve always thought that their needed to be a National Day of Strolling Leisurely, or a National Day of Walking the Dog with Grandma. Although the existing National Trails Day does do a terrific job of bringing attention to the many groups and volunteers that support America’s trail system, it does have a connotation of volunteer working bees and advocacy. I wanted to see something that was purely about getting outside on a trail, at whatever pace, without any obligation, purely for the joy of it. Because as I see it, that’s how you create lasting advocates and supporters.

facebook bannerSo I created Opening Day For Trails. Cribbing from the all-American family goodness that is baseball’s Opening Day, and the curtain-raising of a new Spring, RTC’s Opening Day For Trails aims to connect with a whole new audience of people and help them rediscover their fondness for some time outdoors with the family and friends.

We launched the campaign today. Check it out. This year’s campaign will be an abbreviated, toe-in-the-water version of what we hope to do in the year’s to come, where their is an opportunity to team up with a business partner and manage and promote Opening Day events in major cities across the country.

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