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RTC Releases Ambitious Plan to Extend Cross-New Jersey Trail

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s decades of trail-building experience have shown us that trails have the greatest beneficial impact when they connect to things – to towns, attractions, to businesses and to other trails.

3247.DWGWhich is why our Northeast Regional Office has spent the past couple of years working on a feasible route and work plan to complete the final section of the 150-mile Liberty-Water Gap Trail, which travels across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. That feasibility study and recommendation is now complete, and can be viewed and downloaded at

A short, but vital, six mile extension of the western end of the trail, between the Portland-Columbia footbridge and the village of Delaware Water Gap, would significantly boost the attraction of a Liberty-Water Gap Trail adventure, and the trail’s impact on the local communities.

Most notably, the proposed extension would connect trail users to the world-renown Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and travel along one of the most scenic, and historic, river corridors in America. And in the village of Delaware Water Gap, a community primed to embrace trail tourism, the extended Liberty-Water Gap Trail would connect with the Appalachian Trail and a number of other trails, creating a trail hub of enormous commercial potential.

But with so many agencies, landowners and financial constraints involved, how can it be built? We think we’ve found a way. Learn more at

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