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How Savvy Communications Put Muscle Behind Missouri Rail-Trail Campaign

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 2.14.00 PMI think I can speak on behalf of the whole Communications Dept. at RTC when I say we are always excited to be able to play a leading role in pushing rail-trail projects forward and helping our local partners realize their trail building ambitions.

I am proud to say that this past week we have set a new high watermark for just what smart and focused messaging can do to for the rail-trail movement. As RTC and our friends in Missouri seek to build public support behind an awesome proposal to create a 145-mile trail along a disused corridor through the center of the state.

Enter RTC Communications. With a target of reaching 2,000 signatures on a petition to Missouri decision makers, in just a few days, and with a few simple moves, we hit 11,300. And the number continues to rise.

So, how did we do it? The key was to use a combination of traditional messaging tools, such as emails to the RTC list, combined with targeted partnerships with active Missouri advocacy organizations in order to utilize the existing social media audiences they already had in place. A few quick phone calls to the web managers of a couple of Missouri trails and biking orgs, and we had instantly expanded our reach to a list of engaged locals.

A bit of earned media didn’t hurt, either.

The owners of the rail corridor are expected to make a decision over the next few days, so we all have our fingers crossed. At least we can rest assured that our PR and communications efforts have shifted public opinion in our favor.

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