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RTC Makes Some New Friends at Momentum Mag

Since I first discovered Momentum Magazine (smart living by bike) earlier this year I’ve been impressed by their very accessible and positive coverage of trails and biking.

And so I made it a goal to get Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in the pages of Momentum, as part of my broader ambition to grow our audience and introduce RTC to new, energetic supporters.

M66 July-August 2014 Book USA HI-RES Page 28A few short months later, and here we are! Editor-in-Chief Mia Kohout loved my idea for a story listing the Top 5 rail-trails for exploring American cities (everyone is crazy for a list at the moment – Top 5 Earned Media Pitch Strategies, anyone?), and RTC is now connected to a great new audience of people who like to pedal.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with people who may not have considered themselves advocates for the cause until now, we built a special landing page at specially for the Momentum article, giving anyone with an interest in our work a more compelling and friendly portal into trails advocacy issues. The web page doesn’t look like too much now, as we’re still hosted by our temporary site, but it was an important test run for when we launch the new later this year.

By the way, who’s that hottie doing a star jump on the trail? That’s my wife, Debbie! What an ace chick.


One comment on “RTC Makes Some New Friends at Momentum Mag

  1. Thetraveljourno
    August 19, 2014

    Love it Jake!

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