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Communications in Community Development: Bringing It All Together

Bringing new partners together and using collaboration as a means to creation has always been one of the favorite elements of my work – both here at RTC and during my time as a community newspaper editor. And it’s certainly where the drive to move my career continually closer to hands-on community development roles comes from.

DSC_2506And so it was awesome to get stuck into the latest of my new challenges for RTC: leading the communications and community relations effort behind “The Circuit” – a planned 750-mile network of active transportation pathways around the Greater Philadelphia area. In order to get this thing built we are going to need a groundswell of citizen support, pushing elected leaders for funding and planning investment and making the region’s private sector see the value of such infrastructure. We’re going to need marketing and branding and ways for local people to get engaged and inspired. That’s what communications provides for trail building, and I love being involved.

I was in Philly last week – to meet The Circuit partners and get a sense of how each sector of this diverse coalition understands The Circuit message and the needs, values and ambitions of their individual trail project or community initiative. As I have learned from coalescing and leading joint communications efforts elsewhere, it is only by ensuring everyone feels involved in the process, the outcomes and the communications products that you create invested cheerleaders for the campaign and build a sustainable machine with organic local energy.

Next step: hiring a local firm to do a Brand Recognition Campaign and Website Redesign. We gonna shake it up a little in Philly. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.



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This entry was posted on November 26, 2014 by in active transportation, community building, local organizing, northeast.
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