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Be Heard: 6 Tips On How to Use Social Media to Reach Decision Makers


Image by Yung Tsai/FlickrCC

Communication is a two way street. In my last article I offered tips for politicians on connecting with their constituents through social media. Now, here’s some advice for those wanting to use social media to reach their local politicians.

    1. Include your district when reaching out – e.g. #district51.
      Politicians should engage with you more if they know you are in their voting district.
    2. Follow local and national politicians. According to the Pew Research Center, only 20 percent of social media users follow their local officials or candidates.
    3. Reach out to someone specific. @ them in your Tweet or Facebook post, so they can see your post.
    4. Keep it civil. Telling your current governor you think he is a moron monkey brain when he backs a policy you are against does all harm and no good. Speak your mind, but keep your thoughts constructive.
      Your voice matters – in and out of the voting booth.
    5. Talk about the issues. Don’t just Tweet at your local representative; Tweet to your own followers on the platform. Let them know what current legislation is being pushed through and which politicians you support. According to, 30 percent of voters were encouraged to vote by friends or family through social media. Your voice matters – in and out of the voting booth.
    6. News! Get your news, here! While it is great to let your voice be heard, it is also worthwhile to listen to the views of others. Friends, family members and internet acquaintances may help you to see a policy or politician in a new way or shine a light on an issue you weren’t aware of.

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