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New Story Teams Up With Tamarack Foundation To Screen Website Webinar for Artists


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Surprising things can happen when you get a bunch of creative, ambitious and passionate people in the one room. You identify a challenge, look at the thing from all different angles, bounce brave ideas off each other and, before you know it, whole new worlds open up. The previously unseen begins to take shape.

Surprising things can happen when you get a bunch of creative, ambitious and passionate people in the one room.

That’s the inspiration behind New Story: Changing the Narrative in West Virginia, taking place at WVU Reed College of Media Innovation Center on Thursday, June 9.

As it so happens, that’s the same day that the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts is hosting it’s Tamarack Foundation U Webinar: Demystifying Website Building for WV Artists & Creatives.

Oh no… calendar conflict? No way. We see creative artists as being a critical part of the conversation about changing the public narrative in West Virginia, and so we’ve teamed up with Tamarack Foundation to provide a dedicated space at New Story for those wanting to plug in to the webinar. (Just make sure you RSVP.)

Better yet, Tamarack Foundation Executive Director Alissa Novoselick will be there in person, to welcome participating artists and hang out during the webinar.

The brand-spanking-new Media Innovation Center has lots of great breakout spaces and comfortable rooms with big screens, one of which will be made available to artists wanting to participate in the webinar, which will be hosted by the very excellent Megan Bullock of MESH Design and Development.

For the first time, New Story will bring together some of the state’s most influential, innovative and forward thinking media and communications professionals and students, to highlight the changing media landscape in West Virginia, unearth creative new media projects and sites, and herald Appalachia’s most creative and determined narrative change-makers.

Already, many of Appalachia’s media leaders have signed on to participate, including WVU’s Reed College of Media, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Appalshop, Louisville Public Radio, Elaine Sheldon, Catherine Moore, Weelunk, Appalachian Regional Commission, The Daily Yonder and New South Media, plus journalists, editors, filmmakers, media producers, researchers and community leaders from all corners of the state.

Want to go to New Story but also want to log in to the webinar? Hey presto, we made it happen.

Got that creative spark? Then this is where you want to be.

Learn more, and register, at


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